Unique Way to Advertise

Last Sunday and next Sunday in our community you can go to a Live Radio Play: A Christmas Carol.  The Franklin County Arts Council is presenting it, the actors are the Franklin County Players.  It’s a great play telling a classic Christmas story in an unique way.

But here’s what is interesting -they are having commercials during the play.  It’s a great way for a local business to get in front of a larger audience of local people who will probably use their product.  The play is also rebroadcast on the local radio station KLMJ.  Again, a great way to get in front of a local audience.

Take a listen and then think about ways you can advertise locally!  Come back and share your ideas please.

      Latham Seeds Commercial

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  1. […] We’re proud to continue the family tradition. The same values and principles on which Willard Latham founded the business remain our guiding principles yet today: honesty, integrity and unsurpassed customer service. As you’ll hear in our 1940-esque radio commercial, […]

  2. Deb says:

    Rock on Latham Seeds!

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