I Quit My Job

12795111_10208116867576117_2748395508664437741_oMy brother called me and said “Did you quit your job?

I answered him “Sure did.  If not now, when?”

I’m the Executive Director of the Webster City Area Chamber until March 24.  It’s been four years in this position and I’ve come to love this town I live in.  I’ve met amazing small town people, helped many start businesses and taken lessons learned and share them with other small towns.  I’m not moving away, I’m simply moving into my own.

I have the distinct pleasure to work with Becky McCray of smallbizsurvival.com fame and we’ve co-founded SaveYour.Town.  We show small towns how to take practical steps to a brighter future.  Working with the Idea Friendly platform (created by Becky) we share the stories of other places who are doing the work and creating communities they love to live in.

You can find more information at www.saveyour.town and you can find my speaker page at www.buildingpossibility.com.

gapingvoidart.com says it well:

“The highest-paying careers aren’t ranked – the highest-paying career is, for each of us, the career we’ll be best at.

We’re way beyond the days of becoming lawyers, doctors, dentists for the career stability. Instead, we’re looking for careers that satisfy us, that keep us up reading at night because we want to be more and know more – because our career is part of who we are.”


15 Responses to I Quit My Job

  1. Paula Allen says:

    Congratulations, Deb, for following your heart!

  2. Sara Broers says:

    Congratulations my friend~ you got this!

  3. Carolyn Schriber says:


  4. Erin says:

    Well you know how thrilled I am. You have so much to offer and it can’t be contained or full filled in a job

  5. Mary says:

    Go Big.

  6. Way to go and Good luck with all of the possibilities! I know your heart wants to encourage more small town communities.

  7. Jessica says:

    Congrats! You are going to do great!!

  8. Jim says:

    W.C.Chamber will sure miss you, but so many small towns will love what you can help them with. Keep on keeping on, DEB

  9. Rand says:

    Thanks for your leadership and service. The best to you in the journey ahead.

  10. Jackie Abodeely Fahey says:

    I LOVE how you keep reinventing/reinvesting yourself!!

  11. Deb Brown says:

    Thank you everyone — your support and encouragement means so much!

  12. Pat Palmer says:

    It’s a lonely feeling sometimes, but in the end, it’s worth it.

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