Sunday Update: Drink from your own cup

I know it’s Monday.  I wanted to wait and write this after my pottery class and after my check in call with Randi. This week has been a time for reflection, creating self care habits and drinking from my own cup. One practice I put into place this week was the one of noticing, inContinue Reading

Sunday Update: Selfish?

Things are getting better.  Slowly.  This week has been a week of getting healthier and looking at being kinder to myself. Because if I don’t be kind to myself first, I can’t possibly be kind to anyone else nor expect anyone to be kind to me.  After years of being the caretaker I’ve finally realizedContinue Reading

Anything You Put Your Mind To

Anything You Put Your Mind To by Liz Strauss –  A Book Review I anxiously awaited my opportunity to read this book as Liz is a friend, a movement, a force in my life.  What would she write about?  What great truths would be revealed?  Could I handle it? Turns out, she tells a storyContinue Reading