I Quit My Job

My brother called me and said “Did you quit your job?” I answered him “Sure did.  If not now, when?” I’m the Executive Director of the Webster City Area Chamber until March 24.  It’s been four years in this position and I’ve come to love this town I live in.  I’ve met amazing small townContinue Reading

2017 Three Words Prelude

Each year I share three words that indicate the path I’m taking. Last year I chose Rise, Secure, Link.  Looking back, I have done those things.  I continue to rise in my path to provide value to those who want it.  I’m secure in who I am.  And I’m a connector, I work hard it.Continue Reading

Obidos, Portugal

Oh-bee-dush is how it’s pronounced.   It’s a walled city in the countryside of Portugal.  It’s name probably came from the Latin oppidum which means city or citadel.  There are about 14,000 residents in this small town and the citadel sits atop the area.  It was built originally as an early Roman settlement and hasContinue Reading