P52 Project – Self Portrait

I want my grandkids to look at this picture and say “why is there a stack of toilet paper behind G-ma?”

I want my grandkids to know this picture is me, and all my pictures are of me smiling.

I want my grandkids to say “THAT’S MY G-MA!!!”  I want them to always show their love for their family.

100 years from now, I want my descendants to smile when they see this picture.  They will know I’m from this century, and we smile in pictures.

This is a picture taken for the P52 Project.

The answer to the toilet paper question can be found at http://buyoneproductlocal.com/

2 Responses to P52 Project – Self Portrait

  1. Donna says:

    Now you know I had to check out the toilet paper post. So true. Now we are both smiling.

  2. Deb Brown says:

    Thanks Donna! Glad to hear you are smiling about shopping where you live.

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