Our Town

Every so often you are given the opportunity to play along side some incredible people.  That was my pleasure this past weekend in the production of Our Town.

I have the great fortune to live in a small town with a big attitude.  We get it.

Enjoy some clips from our theatrical production of Our Town set to music.  Next time you are in Franklin County, you just might want to stay awhile.

2 Responses to Our Town

  1. Hampton players what a wonderful play. I am so happy
    to see all the interest in the arts It is somthing
    the whole community can be involved in. hope you are all very proud of your first play and best of luck for many more. It just goes to show you Hampton is a great place to work and live

  2. Deb Brown says:

    Mary and Dave –
    and many thanks to you for sponsoring the event at merry bee’s Friday night. It’s a great place! I agree- we can all bring something to the table when it comes to the Arts.

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