Observations from my grown son

Boxing Day.  Traditionally the rich gave those in a lower social class a gift on this day.  They spent Christmas day at home – and the next day went out and delivered boxes — boxing day.  In case you wanted to know.

Those diseases on House – are they real or just made up by the writers?  I vote for real.  Although – a hemisophere-ectomy?  Where they cut out 1/2 of your brain….. (looked it up on webmd, it’s real)
Do those Smooth Away’s really work?  We hope they do – that’s why we don’t order them.  Hope must remain alive.
I believe all black men will go to heaven, because they are in hell here on earth.   I don’t think 70 years on this planet is enough to make a snap decision on whether you go to heaven or hell for eternity.  
All kids should get Christmas gifts. (He bought all his children, his neices and nephews many, many gifts – you’d think he was Santa Claus)
15 minutes spent at the breakfast table produced the above observations.  Thanks Moofi!  
photo by trialsanderrors at www.flickr.com

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  1. Barb Chamberlain says:

    Deb, I just tweeted about this because your Moofi should meet my Kate (I put some Kate-isms up on my blog: http://twurl.cc/alh). They're clearly kindred spirits :D.

    This would make a fun blog meme: Capture some comments that convey who your kid (of any age) is, & tag other bloggers you know are moms to do the same.


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