Friday morning I started the mindmapping process.  I was going to have three goals (see bottom of pic): zero debt, healthy, Sr. Director in my business.

I started with Healthy.  Drew a cool pic at the middle bottom of the page.  Then I thought about what I had to do to get healthy.  I came up with three major themes.  What I take into my body, move and journal/blog.   They got put into red circles.
Next step, concentrate on one of the three major themes.  I went with move first.  Around move I put: 
eat week
make time 1 hr/day
wear pedometer
10,000 steps a day
walk stairs
park far away
Under in:
eat well
green team
under journal/blog
travelwoman (blog site)
create time
At the very top of the page is:
weight loss
no meds
great health
My goals to obtain healthy!
I will do a mind map for zero debt and one for Sr. Director on another sheet of paper.
Because of who I am, I will redo these in a word application and then post them on my wall.  As I come up with other ideas,  I can add them.
That, my friends – is a simple mindmap.

2 Responses to Mindmap

  1. Dan Cline says:

    Good stuff Deb…..getting the plan down on paper…that is HUGE STUFF. Life changing actually! You can and will do it!

  2. Deb Brown says:

    Hi Danny,
    what's shaking? I haven't heard from you in ages. Me taking 6 months to thank you for stopping by is pretty unexcusable as well!
    Give me a call – lets have coffee.

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