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The Tour of Empty Buildings The Tour of Empty Buildings: Told Using the 7 Principles for Building Possibility 

I really liked this, Deb. It is an amazing idea and you must be really proud of what you have inspired in Webster City. Southampton, Ontario, our town of 3500 (part of a larger amalgamation called Saugeen Shores) has been working hard as well. With the help of our enlightened County of Bruce staff and some really fine consultants, we have been accessing grants and working away. I went to a workshop last year with the Project for Public Spaces group in New York City and learned so much from them. The County hired Rogers Brooks to bring the tourism development message to 7 communities in our area and many of us are all fired up.

Your ebook gives us more really great ideas and your enthusiasm is palpable. Thank you for what you do.

Jenny Amy

Chantry Breezes Bed & Breakfast

Southampton Ontario

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Magic Happens Here

Magic Happens Here

Marketing for a Small Town 2014 is now available on Kindle ebook and on sale for $2.99.   You can order by clicking here.

Here’s the table of contents:


 Brainstorming with Becky

 New Use for Old Space

 Tour of Empty Buildings

On the Ground Marketing

 Partnerships for Small Business Owners

 Let’s Talk Signage and Curb Appeal

 Death and Telling Your Story

 Six Steps to a Social Media Plan

  Four Websites to Spark Your Brain

 10 Tips for Better Enewsletters

 Twitter Used Correctly

 Step Away from Technology

 3 Tips to Increase Your Business

 Networking Tips

Social Media Marketing

Kickstarter, Grenades and WTF

 Editorial Calendar Planning

 Get Smarter

 Find Your Own Secret Path

Debworks and a Well Rounded Life 


This is my first ebook and it’s entitled

The Small Town Marketing Primer.

It’s 59 pages of how to do business like they do in a small town.Simply click on the picture.