Easy Peasy Promo Pieces

Easy Peasey Promotion

We’ve been having some fun here with two websites that are free to use.  The first one is www.unsplash.com  It’s a repository of images that anyone can use for any purpose.  Lovely, hi resolution photos that can you help you tell a story.

The second one is www.canva.com  It’s a great site to take those images, overlay some words and BAMM you’ve got an instant marketing piece.  If you’re on Facebook, they have templates.  If you need a cool cover for a document, they have a template.  If you want to make a poster, there’s a template.  Or you can choose the exact size you need as well!

Look at a few of the examples I’ve been using below:









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  1. I’ve never used unsplash before. I’ll have to check it out. Love your easy peasy promo pieces. 🙂

  2. Deb Brown says:

    thanks Val!

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