Dreaming of a better world

Tshirt found at a local store

I dreamt I lived in a world where cops in cars waved at me and wished me a great day.

I dreamt I could walk down my town’s streets and see all kinds of cool stores and not a bunch of big box stores.

I dreamt of going to live plays right where I live – and even acting in them!

I dreamt of working with other business owners to create cool new partnerships.

I dreamt of walking trails with shade trees and lakes and rivers.

I dreamt of live music in the park by talented singers and bands, and it’s all free!

I dreamt of people who cared for each other, who volunteer and get things done.

Then I woke up ………..

And realized — I live in Greater Franklin County, and my dreams had all come true!

2 Responses to Dreaming of a better world

  1. I too love living in Franklin County for all those reasons and more!

  2. Deb Brown says:

    Thanks Val == its a great place to live!

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