Done While Having Fun

Lots of talk about doing instead of talking. I’m on the doing side of the conversation.

Here’s what I’m doing this weekend. Mindmapping with Cruzanne (results on tomorrows blog). Launch training Saturday in Chicago for my company. New products, new horizons presentation by Eddie Bestosa – one of the best in the network marketing industry. Sunday: 6 hour drive home and phone calls on my Blackberry!

That’s all being ‘done’ while having fun! Are you in a business that allows you to have fun while working? If not – why don’t you just give me a call at 641-580-0103? Let’s have a conversation!

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2 Responses to Done While Having Fun

  1. keith burtis says:

    Great Post Deb. I am thinking about creating a “People on the Move” section for my blog. You’d have to be first!

    Anyway, I set intentions many years ago as to what I wanted out of my career. I call it the “F” Words to Achieve!


    I am doing and have achieved all of these things. Of course I never stop moving forward, but I have a sense of inner peace.

  2. Deb Brown says:

    I’m honored!

    Your “F” words list is great too.

    Keep on keeping on!

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