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Sunday Update: Moving On

So last week I WAS sick – bronchitis.  Dr. visit was called for because nonstop coughing is just not productive for sleep and wellness. How does affect my plans for improved health? I had to slow down. Lots of rest, not just sleep.  But rest.  Reading books, taking naps, not working long hours.  I’m goodContinue Reading

Sunday Update: Tools for Success

The back to school virus found its way into my house this week.  It feels like a cold heading towards bronchitis – but I’m told its a very nasty virus back in town.  My first instinct is to just work through it.  Sweat more, ignore the incessant coughing, go to work. But that’s not theContinue Reading

Sunday Update: 8 Years to Now

My friend Erin shared a picture with me from 2008.  It really did knock my socks off – good God I looked awful! 2014 was just about as bad.  That’s when I started to think “I can do this.”  It’s a slow path, but a steady one. And since 2004 I’ve traveled the path alwaysContinue Reading