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Backcountry Winery

Preston and Amber Gable decided one day they wanted to make wine.  They bought an acreage with an old barn, fixed it up, planted some vines and now they have this winery that has a grand opening next weekend. Of course, that’s the short story – and it sounds pretty, lovely and simple doesn’t it?Continue Reading

Kendall Young Park

Webster City has many parks and last Sunday Keri and I went on a drive looking for some of the lesser known tourist parks.  One of my favorite ones is Kendall Young Park at  600 Kendall Young Road in Webster City.  According to it is a: Scenic park located one mile north of Webster City.Continue Reading

Christmas is the PERFECT Time to Shop Where You Live

If you’re a small business, you’re neck deep in Christmas. It’s only 23 days until Christmas.  We all know how fast time goes, and even faster as you get older. Do you buy gifts for your employees?  Many do.  Many give out cash.  Why not purchase Chamber bucks instead of giving out cash?  Ours canContinue Reading