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Does it really take a commitment?

I got asked again today.  “Is that social media really working for you? ” Then she said “Well, teach me so I can get more clients too.  What are you doing?” In this age of immediate gratification, she expected a five minute answer that would solve her problems. It appears her biggest problem is sheContinue Reading

Debworks Has Grown

Exciting news! I spent last year defining, revising, and creating my company Debworks.  If you take a look at the About Me page you’ll see some of the things I’ve done. This year is all about you.  Debworks is committed to helping you grow.  We’ll be creating events for you to attend.  We’ll show youContinue Reading

A Year In Review

Here’s some of my favorite posts from my first year in blogging. Network Marketing Three Words for 2010 Month 0 of the year 2010 3 Things a Good Network Marketer Will do Are You Talking About What Your Customers Want to Hear? Interviews Justin Levy Who Are You Talking To? Becky McCray Keith Burtis WoodContinue Reading