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Historical Road Trip

Most of us are tied down in the towns we live in.  We work, play, eat and live in our own little acre of the world.  A vacation is something you take all year to plan, and you go somewhere exotic (at least to you).  You save for it, you read about it, you changeContinue Reading

The Enchanted Highway

Gary Greff because the process of building the world’s largest sculptures in 1989.  He came home to Regent, ND to save his community.  Gary had no idea how to do that but then thought “what if I create something that everyone will remember?”  That’s what he did – built 7 sculptures made of scrap metalContinue Reading

Seating for 1000, 47 at a time

Last week I was in Sioux Falls for 3 days for the Midwest Area Chamber Executives Conference.  It’s days of training, networking and hearing about what is working in other communities.  This year we received a tour of downtown Sioux Falls as part of the training.  Connie Larson from Millbank sat next to me andContinue Reading