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Why I Shop at Wal-Mart

A reader of this blog sent me an email.  She wanted to explain why she went to Wal-Mart.  Now, she’s a local small business supporter.  The lesson is: just because you are a small business, you don’t always deserve the business.  Customer Service is VITAL.   Here’s her story: The house I recently moved intoContinue Reading

Aggregate Reading for Building Possibility

I use Flipboard on my phone to read about things that interest me, found all in one place. I’ve organized the categories according to the things I’m interested in. I can choose to share an article on social media sites, email it and even save it to read later. As someone very much interested inContinue Reading

Building Possibility in Milbank, SD

I don’t just drive somewhere to speak at a meeting, and then leave.  I’m a small town enthusiast so I like to visit.  I like to drive around and see what I can see.  I stop in shops and talk to people.  I visit the Chamber/tourism people.  I get a feel for a town.  IContinue Reading