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Blab 5 Stories – Session 5

Blab Session 5 of SaveYour.Town of our Weekly 5 Stories happened tonight – we snuck it in early this week!  Next week might be early too – so keep your eyes posted on our Facebook page, we will announce it there.  I’m traveling next weekend and it looks like we will be blabbing on Saturday.Continue Reading

Weed Whackers and Windex

Ninjas Needed I visited Roscommon County, Michigan and toured a few empty buildings.  On one corner, a major intersection into town, there was an empty building on each corner.  We talked about building possibility, working with the county and the town and hosting a tour. Next to one of the buildings that needed to beContinue Reading

Christmas is the PERFECT Time to Shop Where You Live

If you’re a small business, you’re neck deep in Christmas. It’s only 23 days until Christmas.  We all know how fast time goes, and even faster as you get older. Do you buy gifts for your employees?  Many do.  Many give out cash.  Why not purchase Chamber bucks instead of giving out cash?  Ours canContinue Reading