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Solar Car in the Hood

One day I’m in the park just minding my own business, actually working on setting up things for JunqueFest and I see this cool airplane looking car coming down the street.  Followed by a truck pulling a trailer and a bunch of college kids.  Of course I whipped out my smart phone and shot a quick video!

Follow the hashtag #sunrun2016 and the Iowa State students who built this solar polared vehicle, figured out how to finance it and tour it around Iowa to showcase.

The Family Farm

When I grew up I played in the corn and the wild grass and under the biggest tree in the county I climbed many trees and walked the creek with my grandpa in search of a big fish I played around tombstones and pretended I was a preacher In the grass under a circle ofContinue Reading

Do Bloggers Tours Work?

This article originally appeared in the Building Possibility newsletter from 12-17-14.  We’ve been asked to share it with our blog readers! We hosted a Bloggers Tour on December 13, 2014 here in Webster City.  We invited the North Iowa Bloggers to town. Six of the bloggers came and spent the day in Webster City.Continue Reading