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20 Questions

Image by Cengiz.uskuplu(On-Off) via Flickr I receive Brave New Traveler in my email. They had a link to 20 Questions for Every Spiritual Seeker – and I thought that would be a great read. It is – it’s also a great exercise to set a benchmark on where you are in your spiritual journey. IContinue Reading

Two Important Lessons from Plants

Image via Wikipedia My bubba buddy, Robert reminds me it’s the beginning of the month. This is when a group of us write a blog post on What I Learned From … This month, the topic is What I Learned From the Plant World. 1. Garlic scapes are some of the best food grown inContinue Reading

I Worked In An Adult Bar – Lessons Learned

Image by Bashed via Flickr I must have embarassed myself a lot as a kid, because I don’t remember being so embarassed as an adult. That’s not to say I don’t remember doing stupid things. I do them on a pretty regular basis. My friend Clemmie would say “it’s all a part of growing upContinue Reading