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Giving Up What for Lent?

Jon Swanson is a preacher friend of mine and he wrote this article about Lent.  Then I read an article by Naomi Simson that suggested giving up using your phone in the presence of others for 21 days.  Each year at Lent I try to give up something.  The idea is to give up somethingContinue Reading

Start Small

I woke up today and realized yesterday was not a nightmare.  It really happened.  All those kids were shot and killed.  CNN had an article that said the shooter was “quiet and reserved”.  First he killed his mom, who was a teacher but not at that school, and then he went to that school andContinue Reading

Thanks Eddie

I’ve known Eddie Cristobal since he was born four months early. He was tiny tiny tiny – and he lived. He’s been a little pistol since then! Eddie is now 7 years old and leading a charge to help his hometown of Keyport, NJ have a Christmas. Eddie and his mom live in North CarolinaContinue Reading