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Going Green Has Never Been Easier

Cover via Amazon Green event this Friday, live with Deb Brown.Here are the details (keep reading, lots of good info here also): FRIDAY AUGUST 28TH 1 TO 3 pm The Computer Guy Store 115 First Ave NW – Hampton, Iowa Big screen tv, volume set so you can hear, information you won’t find anywhere else.Continue Reading

Running the gap

Image by mikebaird via Flickr Imagine what you want. In life. For your business. At your home. In your family. Now imagine where you are in life. In your business. In your home. In your family life. Is there a big gap between the two? For most people, the answer is yes. Find ways toContinue Reading

The Year I Discovered How Clutter Blocks Success

guest blog post by Christine KaneI looked at my phone in horror. “You want me to what?” I said into it. “It’s time, Christine. You’ve been talking about that basement for weeks now. It’s time to deal with it.” I had been working with my coach for months at this point. And even though IContinue Reading