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The Committee of Negativity

Some people default to the negative.  You know them.  They say things like “that will never work here” and “we tried that before and it didn’t work.” It can be difficult to reason with that group of people, referred to as ‘the committee of negativity’.  Nothing you say will be taken seriously.  There’s an argumentContinue Reading

Do The Math

How much revenue could be generated in your town just by setting out a couple of tables in front of restaurants in the summer?  Joe shares some numbers with us.

Workshop: Filling Empty Buildings

Tuesday, August 16, at 6 pm CST join Becky McCray and I as we present our next workshop: Filling Empty Buildings.     You want to fill up those empty buildings downtown, but all the economic development strategies you find sound like they were written for big cities. You want help that works for aContinue Reading