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Project 52: Mothers

What a perfect time to talk about mothers!  Project 52 is a venture I joined to take a picture every week around a particular subject.  I’ve sucked at it really, yet I continue to follow along and post as  I can.  I think life is like that too.  We follow along and do what we can do.

I took my mom to Starboard Market in Clear Lake for lunch the Friday before Mother’s Day.  This is a picture from that day.  Today my mom is in the hospital.  She’s been sick off and on since December.  I won’t take her picture in the hospital.  Mostly because she won’t let me.  It’s an invasion on her privacy and she doesn’t want the world to see her sick.  I don’t blame her about that.

I’m lucky, my mom is my best friend.  She ‘gets’ me.  And for that, I’m blessed.


Project 52 – Hunger

Last night I went to the Rotary Spring Party at the County Club.  We had great food, a good presentation on Admiral Leahy and the company was excellent. The theme for this week’s Project 52 is Hunger.  My picture is of two flowers and a piece of cheesecake.  Upon first glance, you might think theContinue Reading


Look what was donated to the Franklin County Historical Society!  Isn’t it lovely?  We believe it is around 80 years old. Do you have any antique toys in your attic?  If you know the story of the toy – who bought it, who did they give it to, how old is it – write itContinue Reading