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Can public speaking help your business?

I speak in public, a lot.  I love it.  Most people don’t.  I had the pleasure of listening to an interview with Arvee Robinson via the Business Momentum Series.  Arvee Robinson is a Persuasive Speaking Coach, Speaker, and Author. Arvel said “Our words can either sell, or repel.  Take the time as leaders to learnContinue Reading

How this network marketer answers “What do you do?”

I get asked often “what do you do?”. The automatic response is “I set up accounts for an Inc 500 company that manufactures their products right here in the United States.  Non-toxic products for your health and home, more affordable than Wal-Mart, safer and delivered to your door.“ If I have more time, I likeContinue Reading

Chicken List

Who’s on your list? You’ve talked to your friends and family.  They support you – some of them.  Some you’ll drip on and keep sending them information. Who have you NOT called? That’s your chicken list. Your old boss, your pastor, that crotchety neighbor, fellow business owners in town, the banker.  Those are just aContinue Reading