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TEDx Brookings

Today I speak at TEDx Brookings.  This year we are exploring the origins of ideas, community and movements.  True change begins with a small number of people who care. It started several months ago when I was invited to speak about the Tour of Empty Buildings at this event.  I have 8 minutes, a slideContinue Reading

Sunday Update: Knees and Sugar

Head, shoulders, knees and toes … remember that exercise set to music? It was popular when I was in grade school and we had to follow the Kennedy program for exercise.  For you youngsters, President Kennedy determined that we all needed to be more active in school and developed a plan to get kids moreContinue Reading

The Enchanted Highway

Gary Greff because the process of building the world’s largest sculptures in 1989.  He came home to Regent, ND to save his community.  Gary had no idea how to do that but then thought “what if I create something that everyone will remember?”  That’s what he did – built 7 sculptures made of scrap metalContinue Reading