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What I Know To Be True

12434638_10207472805194960_644282525_nFamily matters most. My brother is just another version of me.  We share a sense of humor.  He’s got my back, I have his.  He makes me nuts, I make him nuts.  My nieces and nephews and the greats just light me up!

Giving is more joyous than receiving.   Buying gifts for the kids was a lot of fun.  Planning an experience was even more fun.  My niece Sarah and I are taking the four oldest kids to Legoland at the Mall of America in January – and the looks on their faces when we told them was priceless!

Making cookies for the Chamber Open House was great — everyone wanted to try those!  Sharing the Pecan Piehole at our family festivities was a hoot as well.

You can’t let the naysayers stop you from letting your light shine.  There’s always going to be someone who wants you to be unhappy, just like they are.  Pray for them, and continue to do your best and take a few risks, and go for the gold.

Merry Christmas everyone!






Be Weird

Be Weird No, really … The Small Business Social Media Summit was last month.  Over 120 small business people attended – a record number for this first time event.  The speaker line up was fabulous, and everyone left with lessons learned and a toolkit to take back to their offices/stores/businesses. Today we’re sharing just aContinue Reading

Kindness Matters – Take an Hour

Kindness really matters. Often it’s the real difference in relationships. My misfit friends are hosting 24 hours of speakers in an online free conference called GenKind24. Take a look at this speaker lineup! I’m asking you to take an hour out of your day to listen to one of these phenomenal speakers – and toContinue Reading