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Overheard: Corporate Speak

I was in Des Moines this week and while in Casey’s standing in line I overheard two staff members talking. “Did you read that email from corporate?” “The one about not using the elevators at work? And we should use the stairs?  Get our exercise, stay committed to wellness?” “Have they ever been in aContinue Reading

Sunday Update: Bicycle

I had a good week – I spent a lot of it driving to and from Michigan where I spoke at the Small Town and Rural Conference.  I also spent a lot of time in the car – and I have it in my head that I can eat junk food when I’m on aContinue Reading

No Foolin’ – Google Places for Your Business

Chamber Nation handles our CRM at the Webster City Area Chamber.  In their newsletter this week they shared exactly how to put your business on Google places.   If you haven’t done so .. time to get with it!  It will allow you to show up on Google map results, on Google search results TWOContinue Reading