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Weed Whackers and Windex

Ninjas Needed I visited Roscommon County, Michigan and toured a few empty buildings.  On one corner, a major intersection into town, there was an empty building on each corner.  We talked about building possibility, working with the county and the town and hosting a tour. Next to one of the buildings that needed to beContinue Reading

What is Showrooming?

You see something on tv, or online.  You go to your local store to actually look at the item.  Then you go online, often on your phone while you’re in the store, to find it somewhere else cheaper.  That is showrooming. We live in a small town.  Small towns need local jobs, sales tax revenue,Continue Reading

Geneva Church Ladies Cook Book On Sale Now

These recipes are tried, tested and true.  They are from women who are known across the state for the best church dinners ever known to man, at least in the state of Iowa. Now you may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m here to tell you that I am not. The Geneva Church Ladies host aContinue Reading