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Ag Urban: Eulogy

I graduated from the Ag Urban Institute yesterday.  I spent a couple of days every other month with a group of ag and urban folks from around the state.  Hosted by the Iowa Soybean Association, we met under the tutelage of Gus Gustafson and explored what it means to be a great leader.  Exposed toContinue Reading

LeClaire, Iowa – Worth a Visit

Roger Brooks of Roger Brooks International and the Customer Loyalty Expert says if you’re going to create a business that will bring in tourists, make sure there’s at least two other similar businesses.  LeClaire has taken that advice to heart. Located in Central Iowa, on the Mississippi River, LeClaire is hope to the Cody RoadContinue Reading

Grasshopper Guest House

July 11 I traveled to LeClaire, Iowa and spent the weekend.  LeClaire is located on the Mississippi River in central Iowa.  I chose to visit because the town is doing some things right, and I wanted to find out what was working for them.  I love to find unique places to stay when I goContinue Reading