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Sunday Update: Hula Hoop

Who knew hula hooping would be such a great workout? I received and FXP hula hoop in the mail, after agreeing to give it a try. (not paid, except for receiving the hula hoop)  I mean – how hard could it be? Surprisingly, very hard!  The hoop comes in six pieces and a carrying case.Continue Reading

Chef: A lesson for small businesses

If you have not seen the movie Chef and you own a small business, stop what you are doing and go watch it.  I used Netflix to see it. Besides being a feel good movie about a dad and his kid, it’s a better movie about how to use social media for your small business.Continue Reading

Small Business Review: Wax Werks

I’m in Tucson for continuing education.  I have this weekend free.  Last week was a mad house – mom in the hospital, new years eve, getting ready to come here — just no time to have my (pregnant) niece Lorraine wax my eyebrows and lips. As you get older, hair magically appears on your face,Continue Reading