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Update on the Summit – or How We Listened to You

My Listening Ears
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There’s a lot of people out in the blogosphere talking about listening.

Chris Brogan, over at Open Forum Business said  “Listening gives you something to do. You can listen for complaints and problems and try to fix them.”

I am one of the main players at the Small Business Social Media Summit.  We’ve planned an event that is specifically for small businesses.  They will learn how to use social media to advance their businesses.

Originally, we were having a live, hands on event in Hutchinson KS the first week in June.

Then we started listening.  We heard “I’d love to come, but I can’t take two days off.”  “Too expensive with traveling.”  “I can’t be away from my kids that long.” “I wish I could come but just can’t afford all the costs.”

That hurt.  I mean, why couldn’t you figure it out?  Find a way to get the money and come?  We’ve got the best content!

Kudos to Grant Griffiths, my business partner.  Grant said to me “why don’t we just bring the Summit to them?  It is about social media after all – our job is to figure out how to bring this Summit to the small business.”

We have decided to do just that — bring the Small Business Social Media Summit to you.  We’ve cancelled the live event in Hutchinson.  We are rescheduling the Summit for September.   We’ll add more speakers, more video, more audio, more content and more value for the small business.

Our sponsors – Hutchinson CVB, BizSugar, Small Business Trends, Twin Valley TV, and  Headway Theme are all on board.  Every single speaker has committed to being part of this online experience. Jon Swanson from Grabill Missionary Church and Danny Brown of remain on our team.

Oh the joy of creating answers when you really listen! Stay tuned for the fun.

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