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The Ask

You have a business.  You need customers.  If someone were to ask you “how can I refer people to you?” would you have an answer? The right answer is NOT “we want everyone to come here.” Your perfect customer is not everyone.  Take the time to reflect on the products you offer.  Who are yourContinue Reading

Backcountry Winery

Preston and Amber Gable decided one day they wanted to make wine.  They bought an acreage with an old barn, fixed it up, planted some vines and now they have this winery that has a grand opening next weekend. Of course, that’s the short story – and it sounds pretty, lovely and simple doesn’t it?Continue Reading

Start Up Guides to Cities and Rural

I’m going to Lisbon in November for the Web Summit. I was browsing their blog and noticed they’ve posted Start Up Guides to Cities.  I’m going to share a few links here with some comments.  Then I’m going to ask you to think about what Start Up Guides for Rural might look like. Start UpContinue Reading