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Solar Car in the Hood

One day I’m in the park just minding my own business, actually working on setting up things for JunqueFest and I see this cool airplane looking car coming down the street.  Followed by a truck pulling a trailer and a bunch of college kids.  Of course I whipped out my smart phone and shot aContinue Reading

A Long Way from Home

My mom loved looking at Becky’s iPad.  That’s because whenever Becky visited she showed her pictures of animals in Africa. I believe that we are given a chance to share the world with each other.  Some of us travel just a few miles away from home, yet can share the stories of our farms, theContinue Reading

Community Support

Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work and developer of the Indispensable Community Tour  shares these 35 ways to seed and support your community. 35 Ways to seed and support your community Generated by the Sunnyvale Community Tour group 1.     Facilitate a LinkedIn introduction for a community member 2.     Create a YouTube video with helpful content 3.     FollowContinue Reading