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2017 Three Words Prelude

jump tattooEach year I share three words that indicate the path I’m taking.

Last year I chose Rise, Secure, Link.  Looking back, I have done those things.  I continue to rise in my path to provide value to those who want it.  I’m secure in who I am.  And I’m a connector, I work hard it.

What will 2017 look like?  There’s changes in store, but isn’t there always?  In the end, we decide what we want, really want, and that’s what we get.  It takes some planning, lots of believe and the willingness to jump.

Plan.  Believe.  Jump.  



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Well Rounded Life List

I wrote one three years ago.  It said: Increasing my physical wellness spending time with my mom and my family becoming financially sound exploring my misfitness volunteering travel I can say that I’ve been doing these things.  The most rewarding was spending time with my mom – I was blessed to be able to beContinue Reading

31 Days

I’ve blogged consecutively for 31 days now. I was given a challenge to do so, and I did it.  It was one of my busiest months professionally, and still I blogged.  Some of the posts were reposted from articles I had written for my enewsletter.  Some of the posts were pictures I had taken atContinue Reading