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Community Support

Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work and developer of the Indispensable Community Tour  shares these 35 ways to seed and support your community. 35 Ways to seed and support your community Generated by the Sunnyvale Community Tour group 1.     Facilitate a LinkedIn introduction for a community member 2.     Create a YouTube video with helpful content 3.     FollowContinue Reading

Start Up Guides to Cities and Rural

I’m going to Lisbon in November for the Web Summit. I was browsing their blog and noticed they’ve posted Start Up Guides to Cities.  I’m going to share a few links here with some comments.  Then I’m going to ask you to think about what Start Up Guides for Rural might look like. Start UpContinue Reading

I Saw an Elephant One Day

Headed south on I-35 driving home in the middle of the afternoon I saw an elephant one day Where was he going? They’d tied him down so he wouldn’t fall His trunk was lifted high, the wind was blowing I wondered what he thought that day.   My fly on the dash was all askew,Continue Reading