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31 Days

photo-1456132022829-e771cbd1f7daI’ve blogged consecutively for 31 days now.

I was given a challenge to do so, and I did it.  It was one of my busiest months professionally, and still I blogged.  Some of the posts were reposted from articles I had written for my enewsletter.  Some of the posts were pictures I had taken at events.  Nevertheless, it still took time to review them, update them and think about how they fit into the overall theme of the month.

I found out that I can blog for 31 days consecutively.  I did it because I said I would.  That’s pretty simple.  Every day I made the time to blog.  A couple of times I sat down and wrote several blog posts and covered a few days at a time.  Because I knew I wouldn’t have time to do it in the next few days, so I made the time when I had it.  Once, just once, I wrote very early in the morning and back dated it to the day before.  I almost missed that day.  I’m still counting it.

The purpose of the challenge, for me, was to see if I could do it.  I met the purpose.

Now I’m thinking, what other challenge can I face head on?  What else can I do for 31 days?

Solar Car in the Hood

One day I’m in the park just minding my own business, actually working on setting up things for JunqueFest and I see this cool airplane looking car coming down the street.  Followed by a truck pulling a trailer and a bunch of college kids.  Of course I whipped out my smart phone and shot aContinue Reading

A Long Way from Home

My mom loved looking at Becky’s iPad.  That’s because whenever Becky visited she showed her pictures of animals in Africa. I believe that we are given a chance to share the world with each other.  Some of us travel just a few miles away from home, yet can share the stories of our farms, theContinue Reading