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Workshop: Filling Empty Buildings

Tuesday, August 16, at 6 pm CST join Becky McCray and I as we present our next workshop: Filling Empty Buildings.     You want to fill up those empty buildings downtown, but all the economic development strategies you find sound like they were written for big cities. You want help that works for aContinue Reading

Painting the Streets

Last weekend we painted the streets.  And we weren’t the only ones.  There were lots of us! Arts R Alive, a local group that formed to bring sculptures to West Twin Park back in 2011 and are continuing to do so, got together last year and thought it might be fun to paint the streetsContinue Reading


Last night Becky and I hosted our 4th webinar, Empty Lots and Roofless Buildings, what to do with them.  One of the items on the program was #BuildHereNow.  It’s a hashtag program started by the Strong Towns people that emphasize empty lots.  Granted, they are emphasizing lots in larger cities like New Orleans and Baltimore.Continue Reading