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Three Words 2015

Each year I choose three words to focus on for that year.  This is my sixth year and it all started by a prompt from Chris Brogan.  You’ll notice my words put into pictures of my face.  That’s because I’M DOING IT!   I hope you take this to heart and create 3 words for yourContinue Reading

Merry Christmas

I received an early Christmas gift yesterday. I was going through a tool case my mom had, just a small blue one. In it were the cards she received when I was born. Many of my relatives wrote inside the cards and it made me smile. At the bottom of the pile was this picture,Continue Reading

Analytics and Why You Need Them

I would think that mostly women, over the age of 50, would be reading my blog.  Maybe about 450 of them a month.  I write about places I’ve traveled, diet and exercise, social media, tech toys, Webster City and building possibility. I would be wrong though.  I use Google Analytics to track how many peopleContinue Reading