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Everyday Pictures

Just a few shots from the iPhone taken during the week – I take a lot of pictures and I’m working on taking just some everyday shots and plan to share those on Saturdays.

I26987094615_2e8d78998a_m love this coaster in my car.  It makes me happy just to get in my car.


The shoes match the carpet, and the Solumel (non-toxic stain remover in the spray bottle) does too.

26987105945_8953f56b37_mLooks like a big tv – just an iPad stilling on a Dean Koontz book, on a little oak table that was moms.  The last thing I see at night before I fall to sleep.


A New IRS Scam

I subscribe to the Better Business Bureau enewsletter and they’ve posted the following information.  We’ve had a few calls about this at our Chamber so I find it particularly relevant to share it with my readers today.  Tips For Avoiding IRS Scams People from all over the country are falling victim to a recent phoneContinue Reading

Small Business Review: Wax Werks

I’m in Tucson for continuing education.  I have this weekend free.  Last week was a mad house – mom in the hospital, new years eve, getting ready to come here — just no time to have my (pregnant) niece Lorraine wax my eyebrows and lips. As you get older, hair magically appears on your face,Continue Reading