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Where Are You On This?

The Blog Herald shared an infographic from on the demographics for popular social networks. Quick Takeaway:  Pinterest is gaining momentum fast, the average user is worth about $118 on Facebook, and users 26-34 are the heaviest users. Not surprisingly, Facebook led the pack with number of users.  The average user is on social networksContinue Reading

What do you look like?

When was the last time you upgraded your head shots? You do use head shots, right? If you have a business, you market online, you need head shots.  Good ones. If you can, find a local photographer and hire him/her.  If that doesn’t fit in your budget, be creative.  Approach the photography class at aContinue Reading

Miss Dazey Comes to Iowa

I know lots of people online. Thousands. Out of all of them, @Miss_Dazey is the one person I thought I’d never meet.   She lives in Missouri and spends a lot of time sleeping.  Her health requires it.  Linda (Miss Dazey) doesn’t travel much, and when she does its to see Jeanne Robertson or herContinue Reading