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Maslow, Again

Joshua McKenna, Executive Director of the Knoxville, Iowa Chamber wrote an interesting article about addressing your basic needs.  He has graciously allowed me to share it! Director’s Desk Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a concept that I very much have a love-hate relationship with. I love how this concept plays into so many different decisionsContinue Reading

Mastermind – It Takes More Than One Person

I belong to a mastermind group composed of Becky McCray, Glenda Watson-Hyatt, Paul Merrill and Jon Swanson.  We have meet IRL and we often meet over the internet.  We help each other talk through things, work out problems, give suggestions and encouragement.  While reading the Joyfully Jobless News, I read that Terri Belford and BarbaraContinue Reading

Women in Social Media

The infographic shows the domination of women in the biggest social media websites, like Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest which grew their user database to 10 million over the past 12 months. This growth propelled the value of these sites to billions of dollars as of today.  Thanks to Alex from for sharing! Source: reviews.financesonline.comContinue Reading