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Fan Pages on Facebook

I spend time on Facebook.  I check on friends, then I start reading.  I’m a follower of many pages and have the opportunity to learn something new every day for my business.  We hear about how people just gossip on Facebook.  They do.  However, you don’t have to follow those people!  How are you usingContinue Reading

Six Steps to A Social Media Plan

Yesterday I stumbled across creativeLIVE broadcast online and caught the Social Media Bootcamp.  I found it because Amber Naslund sent an email with the link encouraging readers to listen to her session on Wednesday (that’s tomorrow). I tuned in, listening in the background while I worked.  It’s free to watch it live.  Ariel Hyatt ofContinue Reading

Where Are You On This?

The Blog Herald shared an infographic from on the demographics for popular social networks. Quick Takeaway:  Pinterest is gaining momentum fast, the average user is worth about $118 on Facebook, and users 26-34 are the heaviest users. Not surprisingly, Facebook led the pack with number of users.  The average user is on social networksContinue Reading