Building Possibility: 7 Principles

Magic Happens Here

Magic Happens Here

The Seven Principles of Building Possibility

Open Your Eyes – Principle Number 1 

Tell Your Story, and Tell It Again – Principle Number 2

Own It – Principle Number 3

Fail Big – Principle Number 4

Partner Up – Principle Number 5

Everyone Can Be A Hero – Principle Number 6

Do the Work – Principle Number 7

There are many economic development books available that will tell you exactly how to build a community.  Cut and dried stuff, requiring lots of red tape, authority sign off and years and years of planning.   We will share the titles of some of those books with you.

However, this will not be one of those books.

This book is designed to give you ideas, generate conversations and start the action needed to save your small town.  We want you to collaborate with other like minded people, to bring new energy to the game, to tell the stories that excite people, to fail, to b a hero and to do the work.  Whether you are one person, or a group of people – you can make a difference right where you are.  You can build possibility in your block, your neighborhood and your town.  It’s easier than you think.

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