Build It and They Will Come

I’m looking for this kind of conference to attend:

  • In January and someplace warm – I’m thinking Sante Fe
  • I can bring my family and they can play while I work
  • as a matter of fact, I can take family breaks and play with them
  • there’s a pool and great restaurants
  • a little sight seeing
  • I can be with other conference attendees who want to do what I want to do
  • say I have a project I can’t get completed, I’d like to work on it
  • there’s no line of people giving lectures
  • there’s no set schedule really, just a braintrust of people doing their own projects
  • all the attendees are as smart as me (or preferrably smarter)
  • I have fun, get a lot of projects off the ground AND get to be with my family
  • the cost for the conference is not $1000, it’s maybe only $100, maybe less
There’s no conference like that. Yet.
We’re working on it. You interested?
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2 Responses to Build It and They Will Come

  1. Susan Murphy says:

    Yes!!!! I'd suggest have it here in Ottawa, but we ain't too hospitable in January. 🙂

    Tell me more! I'm intrigued.

  2. Deb Brown says:

    SuzeMuse! Glad to see you for a visit. Let's talk more about this unconference – I'll DM you . I think you'd be a perfect candidate.

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