Birthday Goals

Monday, June 1 is my birthday.  Did I mention I love birthdays, especially mine?  

So what’s different this year?  What have I accomplished this past year?  And where am I going?
This past year I have:
  • written more
  • traveled on my own path
  • stood up for myself
  • lived with joy
Okay okay — I know, you want to know WHAT I did this last year, right?  
  • started a local newspaper and expanded it to online
  • helped over 20 people make their homes safer and non-toxic
  • started my own social media consulting business 
  • attended a life changing conference in Chicago
  • told a couple of people to get lost
  • spent a lot of time with my parents
  • write a blog, that got picked up by the Des Moines Register
  • decided to get fit and took the beginning steps 
Now — what’s going to happen for this next year?  
  • writing and publishing a book 
  • achieving Senior Director – that’s helping five others develop their business
  • work with local businesses to change the shape of their marketing plans
  • travel to (and organize a few) conferences
  • a few road trips with the parental unit
  • keep writing my blog and fine tune it
  • Be fit – and help others realize they can do it to.
So HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!  And hey, hold me to it.  I’m counting on you too! 

2 Responses to Birthday Goals

  1. Robert Hruzek says:

    Hey, happy early Birthday, Deb! Afraid I’m still one-up on ya though… 😉

  2. MB says:

    Robert – I think you’ll always be one up on me! You’re just that cool.

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