talkwalkerI want to know when Webster City is mentioned online, anywhere.  In the old days, you’d have to search many different places and hope you found everything.  Then Google Alerts came along, and it was nice.  But .. they went away and we were in the stone ages again.

Then I found Talkwalker Alerts. You fill out a little form and magically notifications appear in your email inbox!

Yes, it really is that simple.  I have it scheduled to appear every time something is mentioned about Webster City.  I have a few other alerts I’ve scheduled that appear daily.

Why do you need alerts?  I want to know about what is going on in my town.  There are circles of people I don’t often interact with that are doing amazing things.  I would not normally hear about it until much later, after the fact.  Now I can stay on top of the news and reach out if necessary.  For a small business, you want to know what your competition is doing!  Are you missing out a trend, or an event that may help you?  Alerts help keep you current.

Perhaps you want centralized information around a certain topic.  I want to know more about what my friends are up to in the internet world.  I set up alerts and follow them that way.  I also want to know more about TRX workouts, I can set up an alert to gather information.

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