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Gems from my Google Reader

I’ve started reading my Google Reader more than once a week.  I’m always looking for news and interesting things to share and in that quest I’ve saved quite a few blogs in my Reader.  Here’s just a few fun things from the past couple of days. Google Alert for Hampton, Iowa:  I have the alertContinue Reading

Google Reader

There’s millions of blogs and I can’t read everyone.  I can however subscribe via RSS feed and put some of my favorites in my Google Reader. Here’s a few posts I’ve read this morning. For the traveler … if you don’t want to travel after this, you’re not a traveler.  I want to go outContinue Reading

Google – Reader, Alerts and Aviary

Do you keep up with your industry specific news? I do, and Google  makes it possible. First step: set up a Google account.  Simply go to and create a new account. Next, set up your Google Reader.  Go to the My Account tab (upper right hand corner).  Find the Reader link.  Follow the directions.Continue Reading