Social Media for Real Estate People

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How do you help a real estate agent and broker use social media to improve her business  – and ultimately her bottom line?


Create a fan page. Build your fans from your local county – but reach out to other surrounding counties.  Start with Chamber of Commerces, other businesses, other fan pages.  What pages are in your industry?  Find those and reach out to their fans.

Post lots of pictures with great descriptions.  Create a profile of your community.  Tell a story that draws in buyers .  Why would I want to live there?  What features would make this a great family home to buy?  What features would make this commercial space perfect for the business owner?

Create a contest!  Get your fans involved with your business.  Make the prizes good – and get the community behind you in the contest.  It can be both online and local.  Make it special to your online users – perhaps promise the winner will be announced FIRST on facebook.


Blogs are the perfect vehicle for real estate people.  The most important thing to remember is that you are the expert.  Share you expertise.  What are some tips for buying a house?  What are things to look for when you purchase your first home?  What can buyers expect during negotiations?

Keep it interesting and give people a reason to keep coming back.  You’ll have a spot for how to contact you, how to go look at the houses you are selling — but it will be your content that brings people back to you.


Go to and use the advanced feature.  Scroll down and use the “Place” section – look for people within 50 miles of where your houses are for sale.  Don’t neglect the news and media here — most of them will respond back when you tweet with them!

Go to and find your community and areas close to you — it’s interesting to see how many people in your town are on twitter!

On the Web

Learn at small business news and tips — read them and share your own

use and find some other businesses in your industry and see what they are doing.  Take tips from them – just don’t plagiarize!

In Your Community

Old school marketing is the first social media.  Get out into your community.  Volunteer.  Join the chamber. Meet people.  Offer to help.  Be a good citizen.  Give people a reason to like you.  If you’ve learned to do that — then go online and create community and repeat the process.

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