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I attended a scheduled 3 hour presentation on Search Engine Marketing Essentials given by Jordan Hasler from Orange Soda, sponsored by the Gannett Company (owners of the Des Moines Register).  I took a client who is just getting her feet wet on the internet.  It was an opportunity to network for me.

In this post I’m talking about the things that worked and didn’t workI’m planning a conference to happen in June and I took away some valuable planning lessons!  (The next post will cover the actual SEO things I learned.)

The Ankeny Chamber of Commerce was the location host.  Easy to get to location, lots of room, clean offices – and no one greeted us at the front door.  That’s a particular pet peeve of mine.  The front desk person was working with another person and she had another staff member helping her.  A simple recognition, “hi, be right with you” would have been fine.  After about 60 seconds someone came up front from the conference room and asked if we were there for the conference.

I always sit towards the front of the room so I can see and hear better.  The room was completely full with about 15 people from the Des Moines Register in the back of the room.  There were people sitting in chairs on the sides.  A larger room would have worked better.  Then, the air conditioning was not on for the first hour. It was 79 degrees outside and a small room full of people needs air.

Jordan did an admirable job with very little “use our services” hype. It made you want to use his services.  However, he forgot his business cards at home (Utah) when I asked him for one.  And he didn’t take my information when we talked.  He did give me his personal email address to contact him.  He was gracious and answered all my questions and I got a small interview.  I did ask what his stats were on how many people convert to customers for Orange Soda as a result of attending these seminars.  He had no idea.

To recap:

Good things were:

  • great location,
  • good content,
  • personal attention from speaker.

Not so good things were:

  • no greeting,
  • small room,
  • room temperature set incorrectly,
  • no business cards,
  • missing stats.

Not major things all by themselves, but put together they could leave a bad taste in your mouth.  The content was exactly as promised and that went a long way towards making up for the small slights.  Still……

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5 Responses to Good things Bad things

  1. Sara Broers says:

    The little things truly make all the difference. Nice post.

  2. Deb says:

    Thanks Sara — it’s true, people notice everything!

  3. Todd Jordan says:

    Love the summary. You hit the nail on the head about some issues with the presentation. Notes I can work from to improve my speaking engagements.


  4. deb says:

    Thanks Todd – it’s amazing how easy it is to forget something when you do a presentation. The little things do mean a lot.

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